Correct Radio - 1963 Notchaback

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Correct Radio - 1963 Notchaback

Post by Bradders65 » 29th April 2017 - 5:01pm

I have done some research but found it quite confusing as to what year correct radio I should fit to my August 1963 RHD 1500 S.

Sapphire, Blaupunkt or Motorola? Any direction from you guys would be welcome! Also the aerial is on top of the wing, what's the best choice of aerial, Hirschmann red tipped?

Thanks in advance ....

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Re: Correct Radio - 1963 Notchaback

Post by Editor » 1st May 2017 - 12:42pm

Blaupunkt would be the usual fitment through a VW dealer, I'd have thought. We had a Blaupunkt Bremen fitted in our family 1964 1500S, though there were higher spec ones with aux input etc. Ours had ivory knobs, which didn't match the greyish Type 3 ones, but when I got one for my Beetle as a 21st birthday present in 1966, that had the greyish knobs, so i swapped them! The unit fitted under the dash with a pressed card casing and trapezium shaped face-plate. Back then it would be a 6V/12V version, and selectable for positive/negative earth. It probably stayed with the car when we sold it, but I may have it somewhere. There are vintage radio places who could probably fix any problems.

The aerial would need to be a high-angle one to fit the usual Type 3 aerial hole. Just Kampers had them on the stand at Stanford Hall, so you should find one easily. There's a grommet on the inner wing for the lead.

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