Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

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Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

Post by notready7 » 16th April 2018 - 4:48am

So I purchased my 1969 Squareback, "Betty" about 6 years ago and had an engine put on her and she ran and that is all I cared about
But then... I left the country for 9 months and she sat there waiting for me.

Needless to say, when I got back, I had to put a new battery in did managed to drive her for a few weeks before she starting to cough, and cough and cough till she can't stay running no more, she just coughs till she dies :(

I know nothing about cars or car mechanics but I am willing and very excited to learn all there is about my girl from people that care about these cars. I have included a picture so some of you can tell me what I am looking at!!! LOL

I figured out what was the distributor, carburetor and alternator and noticed that the filter on the carburetor needs replacing (getting that soon).
But don't know if that will fix the problem.

Any other suggestions? When ever I walk onto a mechanic's shop they just look at me like some weird anomaly and I don't know if it's because Betty is so old or because I am woman :/ Anyhow....I am good with watching youtube videos to learn so that's what I have been doing but realized I need a VW Squareback forum where I can get more appropriate answers - you know... apples to apples type thing. Anyhow, I hope someone can help me and at least tell me what I am looking at - she has obviously been modified. Thanks!!!!Image
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Re: Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

Post by sparkywig » 16th April 2018 - 7:38pm

Drain the tank and put clean fuel in. That should help.

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Re: Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

Post by Chino » 17th April 2018 - 10:03am

It sounds like it may well need a good service and tune up. What part of the country are you in? I imagine taking it to a decent aircooled mechanic or possibly someone local to you willing to help will be a good first step. I've found most aircooled guys I've dealt with happy to give you a quick walk through of what is what, so if we can find you a friendly one near to you I think that is half the battle.

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Re: Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

Post by broady_6 » 18th April 2018 - 8:02am

it sounds very much like dirty old fuel. how often was the car serviced prior to leaving the UK? I would do as has been said, drain the fuel tank (remove the filter if you can) and then flush through with some diesel. Replace all of your rubber fuel hose. it will be perished if its been on there 6 years. check along side your gearbox. a fuel filter is often located in there and gets very dirty as people forget to change it. Then I would expect it best if you remove the carburetors and clean out the float bowls and all the jets with compressed air if you have access too it. and as chino said, a location will help you may be local to one of us, or even local to a garage we know who can help.
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Re: Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

Post by Kai » 18th April 2018 - 6:40pm

My money goes on the carbs being blocked!!

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Re: Help - I kow nothing about my car!!!

Post by Editor » 27th April 2018 - 12:06am

Sounds like Betty has only been idle for 9 months, and was running after you got back from abroad, so it may not be anything too awful. Type 3s didn't originally come with fuel filters, apart from the Fuel Injection models, where it's under the front axle on the fuel pump. The carbed models have a fuel filter as part of the mechanical fuel pump in the engine compartment.
The problem could well be blockages in the carb jets, but another possibility is that there are short rubber hoses connecting to a large metal tube between the twin carbs. Those short pieces of rubber crack and leak, or even fall off, so air gets in and upsets the carb mixture, making it impossible for the engine to keep running.
Also, pop off the cap of the distributor and check that the points open and close as you turn the engine. They do gradually wear and the gap changes.

There are other things involving spark plugs and ignition systems which could cause coughing (misfiring) and eventual failure to run. Be wary of doing lots of things all at once to try to solve the problem - do them one at a time.
It does sound as if Betty simply needs some TLC from a mechanic who understands her. Tell us where you are and very likely someone can come and help.

Ah, I see you are probably in the USA. I've PM'd you details of the USA group.

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