Dual Vacuum Distributor

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Dual Vacuum Distributor

Post by s.unsworth » 30th June 2016 - 6:06pm

What can anyone tell me about the Dual Vacuum Distributor on my 1972 Automatic Type 3 Variant please ?

Part Number 311 905 205 AA

Took Distributor off to fit new Condenser and Points ( thanks Dave Hall for the Condensers ). Thought I would check the Vacuum Unit. Found the " Outer " Connection works, by sticking some Vacuum Hose on it and sucking, but the " Inner " one does nothing ! You can suck or blow for ever but nothing happens at all. The Connection Elbow on the " Outer " one is plastic and seems to be sealed properly on to the body. The " Inner " one is metal but there is a hole in the body all the way around it. Do I need to find something like a rubber washer and glue it on to seal the gap please ?


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