How Many type 4's are they in the UK,

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How Many type 4's are they in the UK,

Post by pmacs49 » 3rd July 2018 - 11:42am

When i got my Type 4 over 4 yrs ago ,I think there was over 50 Type 4's in the UK,
And about 35 on the road...
I wonder how many are around today, i know since then, my mate has one with no mot, Wiring issues, never had any when he brought it, so it was refitting an original fuse box from a blade box that cause the problems, and he brought a donor from haverfordwest, which has passed to a mate who's sorting it out his.
Im going to sort out the bottom of the doors on mine, does anyone know if you can get a bottom repair skin,
I am thinking of getting a swagger and making some.

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