coilover issues for your help

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coilover issues for your help

Post by eklo » 6th October 2015 - 8:32am

For all the members with coilovers I have a question. Im having a problem with raising the rear up to the height i need. Reason being im realy pushing to get my wheels that i have mounted on the carthey are just sitting around and i dont want that. i need them to clear the rear fenders with tires or im goingto have to do some serious modification to the rear The wheels that i have are15x8 with a -12 offset. I know it sounds crazy and they are going to stick out but ive got that covered its just the getting to that height that im troubled with. Second i cant ship my car back to the states with it being this low i checked that already. So back to my question ,Does anyone make coilover spacers? Im taking the helper spring out but i need something to put more pressure on the main spring to raise it and the only thingim coming up with is 4x4 ****. Any help would be great


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Re: coilover issues for your help

Post by Editor » 6th October 2015 - 1:01pm

What car is this for?

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