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Where to go to see Type 3 and Type 4 VWs
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Post by Editor » 9th March 2017 - 6:43pm

Advance Notice sent by organisers to the VW Type 3&4 Club, posted by the Editor

We would like to thank you for supporting Bristol Volksfest over the years.

As you know this year is our 25th anniversary and we would love to have you and your club members along for a fun filled, action packed weekend to help us celebrate and we'd like to invite your club to join us in the main trade/display/entertainment field and put on a special club display.

As most of you know we have changed the venue this year and have moved to a beautiful, green fields farm site, which we hope will become the new home for Bristol Volksfest. The site is really nicely laid out on lush flat grass fields that all lead to the main event. Which is where you'll be! Because of this though vehicle movement over the weekend is limited, and using the Trade/performers/service entrance. So ideally, once you're in, you're in for the weekend. We will send out special instructions and maps closer to the time, but the main thing you need to be aware of is that we cannot have any vehicle movement on site between 9.00—16.00 on Saturday and Sunday and access will be possible but tricky after 21.00 on Friday. I am sure you all understand the reasoning.

Once we know that you’re keen, all you need to do is get your club members to book their tickets through the club camping section on our website. We already have your club down on our list but please make sure that when you and your members book you state the name of your club so that they can be added to your unique club booking.
The cut off date for all club bookings is 15th MAY. WE WILL HOLD THE EARLY BIRD PRICING (£35) IN PLACE FOR ALL DISPLAY CLUBS.
Tickets for club camping must be purchased in advance so that we have a definitive list of numbers before the event. This helps us to effectively allocate each club enough space, making sure we don't over/under estimate the amount of space really needed for each group.
The final number of bookings received before the event will dictate how much space you have. Please be aware that we don't reserve space for people that don't pre book. If you have people from your club wanting to turn up and pay on arrival, they might be able to squeeze in with you - as long as you're happy with it and you have enough space within your own area and you don’t take up someone else’s pitch.
The nitty gritty:

The Organiser/Admin of the larger display clubs 25+ will get their ticket to the show for free (one ticket only)
We will supply a club portaloo FOC for your own convenience!!
Saturday/Sunday Display – Club members arriving for just the day must be onsite by 9.00 am and will not be able to move their vehicle until 16.00.
* ALL CLUB CAMPING TICKETS MUST BE BOOKED BY THE 15TH MAY (*unless previously sold out)

* Tickets not purchased in advance will be charged at the standard gate price

Just getting it on the events diary at the moment, but watch this space for further info. - Ed.

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