66 Squareback from US

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66 Squareback from US

Post by JB's Elite » 18th February 2018 - 7:38am

I'm going to be recommissioning it over the next couple of months an this will include.
Getting it running, it's not run since 1999, I have been into and working on VW's air and water cooled since 1978.
I will be converting to 12v and making an alternator kit
Putting new floorpan halves in it, possibly whilst body is still on if that is feasible. Once the body comes off the whole job is then a full resto and I don't have time for that after starting my own Classic Car Fabrication Resto workshop.
Fitting a new wiring loom and switches
Modifying a late VW windscreen wiper motor and fitting new wiper spindles as they are always either seized or worn out
Repairing the sunroof and getting the thing working nice and smooth
Redoing the interior inc new headlining
Replacing window rubbers, door rubbers front and rear lid seals and glass scrapers
Taking the wings off and sanding, epoxying and raptoring the inside of the wings and inner arches all into the original Baltic blue.
Rebuild all the brakes replacing all cylinders brake hoses and pipes
Lowering the front and rear to give a slight nose down stance
Set of alloys and konis just to finish it off.

Cheers John Brewster

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Re: 66 Squareback from US

Post by broady_6 » 18th February 2018 - 9:47am

That sounds like a decent job list! If you need any help you know where we are. Have you got any photos?
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