Books,Models & Brochures

Please say whether for Type 3 or Type 4
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Books,Models & Brochures

Post by purplepeter » 31st March 2018 - 6:52pm

We've resumed the long process of disposing of the Elderly Gentlemans collection
Now the focus is on Books, Models & Brochures But everything else is still available
Everything has to go, so prices will reflect this. As before the aim is to achieve a fair price for both parties
Absolutely NO spivs, traders, ebayers.. where there are duplicates of items, I'd rather they didn't all go to one person to avoid the profiteers
No holding/reserving indefinitely unless We know You I'm afraid- Everything needs to go so first to pay gets it!
Also, No long protracted discussions/requests for more photos

UK sales only

It's going to take a while to list as there are 5 pages & 125 photos

I'll lock the topic until it's all listed

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Re: Books,Models & Brochures

Post by purplepeter » 4th April 2018 - 6:16pm

5X 1:18 Road Legends KG Models
2X1:24 Red Kg Models- 1 is Franklin mint
2X Tamiya 1:24 KG kit '66 KG
2XGunze Sangyo 1:24 kits '63 KG
1 X Chinese copy of ichiko friction KG Turqoise
1X buttercup 1:24 KG
1X Franklin mint 1:24 '7 Beetle
Ceramic KG orange money box
Ceramic Beetle Dartmouth potteries
7X Collectors edition 1:43 KG convertible 4 X orange,3Xwhite
2X Red KG convertible Dinky Matchbox
5X Minichamps 1:43 KG 2x'57 convertible,57 coupe,66Type34,green '57
2X minichamps
1x orange/black split
3X corgi classic kg
1X1;28 silver kg
10 X Corgi Type 34 various conditions
1 boxed Corgi Type 34 very good condition,spare wheel present
2XMatchbox Fasty 1,orange no67 1 superfast .Orange reserved purplepeter
1X Vitesse Notch
1X Orange bay dormobile matchbox
Split ambulance 1:59 roadmaster impy cars
Corgi red/grey splitty
Porsche 356 Meccano Dinky
Green kg meccano Dinky
Green kg convertible Meccano very heavy no 152
2X Conrad 1:43 MK2 Scirrocco
2X plastic models old. 1x Oval, 1xConvertble Beetles
Red matchbox beetle
Orange beetle whizz wheels/corgi juniors
2XCorgi whizz wheels
Blue plastic Nailbrush?? Beetle
Yellow plastic beetle convertible
5X Autosculpt pewter models 3xkg coupe,1xkg convertible,1x Type34 (not all boxed)
3X 1:87 models with caravan; Beetle,camper,kg
1 X !:87 Type 34 with Glider Reserved Andy Holmes
1X Type 34 model white
8X Busch 1:87
2X 1:87 UMI kg
2X 1:87 UMI kg convertible
2X AMW Black kg (one with 50th anniversary livery)
5X EKO kg 1:86
1X Automuseum boxed KG Blue
Tomika Porsche 356
2X Revell Porsche 356
??Wiking 411
1:87 ??pewter Keyring Baywindow
red/white splitty
Gaugemaster red/white splitty
1:87 red/white splitty
BOX only modern vehicle series vw saloon car no8
1:18 eriba puck
2 pull back beetles 1 convertible
3 ceramics: Grn camper, blue beetle, Black kg
1:72 cararama camper models (set of 5 in one box)
1:24 franklin mint red kg
Wolfsburg crest horn button good condition
4X HO scale kits KG
Maisto 1:18 green beetle
Burago Bugatti 1936 atlantique 1:24
6X yellow beetles
3X Automuseum plastic penholders T4
2X vitesse diorama beetles
3X metal beetles- 1 is a pencil sharpener!
Diecast golf ls
beetle keyring,1:160N,blue split,grn kg
Split fire engine, Yellow panel van, 2 beetles, keyring
Glass beetle cookie jar, wire beetle
7X IMU 1:87 kg. Distorted by extreme heat £15 each or offers
1:24 resin KG kit, 2 bodies included coupe & convertible
Diecast kg kit
KG anniversary energy drink
various carded models
Red beetle workshop diorama
Large collection of mainly kg related items-lots of pin badges,books of matches etc
KG decorative nose grille £80
Microfiche: Envelopes each containing several fiche sale on hold until identified, but listed anyway:
3Xtype 2
1XType 2 upto '67
2X Type 3
2X Type 4
3X 1302/3
5X 1200/1300
10X Ghia
8X 2005 KG anniversary paper carrier bags
ceramic coasters,various kg
Script Badge Karmann Ghia Sold simon Mann
Asstd postcards & 1st day covers KG 2005
1974 40 yr anniversary limited edition brochure & Print (there are several of these)
4X large KG advertising posters with KG blueprint on reverse

Genuine VW 1500 workshop manual 1961 Vol 1 & 2 Reserved Simon Kelley 1 & 2
Genuine KG parts list 3
Genuine Type 34 parts list 4
Type 14 parts illustrations 5
type 34 parts list photocopy 6
1996 parts illustrations Type 14 & 34
1981 Type 14 parts illustrations
1986 1302/3 illustrations Reserved Andrew Heal Gough
Type 14 parts book photocopy section 2 9
Type 34 parts book photocopy 10
Type 34 illustrations 11
Type 14 sections 8 & 9 of parts book photocopy 12
Eberspacher manuals photocopy 13
Workshop manual part 2 photocopy reserved purplepeter 14
35+ old rally plaques reserved Simon Mann
5 X KG mugs
2 X KG paperweights

That's the end of the list- will start to assign prices soon

Please note some items already reserved- I just need to write up the list

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Re: Books,Models & Brochures

Post by Danny Lord » 5th April 2018 - 5:35am

Can you let me know prices for the Type 3 /34 models please.
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